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Home Styling Mallorca
Your property can become an eye-catcher

Sa Torre de Port Verd SL works closely with selected cooperation partners who stand for quality and competence in their area as we do. This cooperation with renowned partners gives our customers additional benefits that would otherwise not be possible. Therefore, we are especially pleased to introduce you to a new cooperation partner.

Home Styling Mallorca is concerned with the optimization of spaces in order to make the best possible potential of your property visible to a larger group of buyers with simple means. Because the first impression is important - the purchase of a property is often an emotional decision. With home styling, your property recieves the special finishing touches in a short time. And, according to experience, the sales time is reduced by well over 50%.

Please take a look at the website once; It is very likely that Ms. Fabian will be able to change your apartment in such a way that the sales opportunities are immensely increased.

If you are interested, Mrs. Fabian will create a styling concept for your home.

We are happy to answer your questions and provide further information.

Here again our telephone number +34 971816581, Mrs. Görg or Mrs. Asshauer

We hope to present the suitable buyer for your property soon.

Best regards from Port Verd,
Sabine Asshauer

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