June 14, 2018 from Sabine AsshauerGolf revalues your investments by 25%

The Spanish economy strengthens progressively every day, and this is no longer a secret for anyone. At the head of the economic recovery is the tourism sector. But followed very closely (and to be fair, we will say that largely helped by the previous one) we can find a sector that has been significantly punished by global crisis, we refer to the real estate sector.
Real Estate in Spain live hopeful moments, and nobody wants to miss their piece of the pie.

Tourism + real estate = WIN-WIN
It seems that tourism and real estate are a well-matched marriage. The climate, location, security, extensive holiday infrastructure and competitive prices have made our country the second world tourist destination, attracting 82 million visitors in 2017, and having an annual growth of 10% since 2013 .
According to the data of the study conducted by the international consultancy Savills, Spain leads the improvement of the real estate market in southern Europe thanks to the interest of foreign investors, attracted mainly by the tourism industry. The Scandinavian countries now join the Germans and the British. Encouraged by the strength of their currencies, and because of the lack of opportunities in their countries of origin, they opt for safe and PROFITABLE properties in our region.
As we can picture, the greater demand for properties is focused in the capital and coastal regions, which have a consolidated tourism structure. Among them, we cannot miss the Balearic archipelago and the largest of its islands, MALLORCA.
Its excellent geographical situation, its 300 sunny days, its landscapes of unparalleled beauty, its solid infrastructure in communications and a consolidated economy generate a cocktail capable of enticing even the most disbelieving investors. According to the National Institute of Statistics (NIS), real estate transactions in the Balearic Islands increased by 20% in 2017 compared to the previous year with a rising tendency in 2018. About 36% of acquisitions were foreign.
But the tourist-real estate combination is reinvented and in XXI century we do not want only a tourism that includes sun and beach. Entrepreneurs try to offer their customers passions and for that, they MUST BE DISTINGUISHED.

Bet on the Golf
You will agree with me that investing in real estate with a tourism perspective in Mallorca is an extremely attractive proposal. But of course, according to what I just told you in the previous paragraph, we should specialize and find a niche market ... and here you have it: GOLF LOVERS.
The relationship between real estate and golf has been very near in Spain since the 90s, managing to increase its boom during the last 4 years. The growth margin in this sector is very significant. Golf brings 750 million euros to the real estate sector in our country. Only 0.6% of the Spanish population plays golf, but the trend has been increasing in recent years, only reaching the average of continental Europe (1.2%) would double the infrastructure related to golf. If we also think that in northern Europe there is a lot of enthusiasm for this sport, and that every day amateur and expert golfers come to our country attracted by a practice that can be done throughout the year, that income could triple.
And the reason is because the revaluation that occurs in a property close to a golf course is 25% on average. Of course, this percentage fluctuates depending on the situation of the properties, varying from 15% in those places that are not in the premier line, up to 40% REVALORIZATION IN THOSE IN PREMIER LINE with a view to a green.

Mallorca, paradise for investors and golfers
This precision sport contributes with 160 million euros to the Balearic tourist sector every year. On the Majorcan island, there are 24 golf courses that offer a wide range of challenges for amateurs and professionals players. The magnificent design of the fields and its facilities, the possibility of playing 365 days a year surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean, makes Majorca an authentic paradise for golfers. As is logical, there is a network of properties associated with golf courses that range from apartments, mansions, rustic properties, to Majorcan possessions overlooking the sea and / or the mountain. Besides providing a wide range to the investor, the golf market offers the opportunity to exploit the properties ALL YEAR ROUND, increasing their profitability even more.

The master blow: invest in Llevant region
At this point and ready to get the most out of our acquisition, you might ask: is there any region of the island where my purchase provides me the greater profitability as well as a revaluation for the property? And the answer is very clear ... YES. To the northeast of the island, the Llevant region has four golf courses in two of its municipalities, Capdepera and Son Servera.
Canyamel, Capdepera, Costa de los Pinos and Pula Golf are the four greens that will delight all kinds of golfers with its 18 holes that are a challenge for everyone's taste. As there are no two equal fields, the athletes will be delighted to be able to practice their swing in such varied scenarios with so little geographical distance. The impressive views of the mountains and the coast with the island of Menorca in the background, and the numerous tournaments offered, transform this area in a seductive territory for sportsmen and investors.
THERE IS STILL THE BEST, besides the golf courses, this region offers all the characteristics that make Mallorca a privileged place (spectacular landscapes, tourist attractions, deserted caverns with crystal clear waters, tranquility, quality of life, the delicious ensaimadas ... ). And we still need to add a milder climate, better than the rest of the island (the temperature in winter barely drops below 10 ° C) and AN AVERAGE PRICE FOR REAL ESTATE PROPERTY LOWER THAN IN THE SOUTH-WEST AREA. The lower historical tourism development in the northeast region has kept prices at reasonable levels while the growth margin is higher.
If you have reached this far, is because you are convinced that this is a good way to RENT and REVALUE your capital.

If you do not want to miss this opportunity, visit our available properties in Capdepera and Son Servera municipalities by clicking the following link: